The double meaning of Ahorita

About Ahorita

Ahorita is one of the most widely used words in Mexican Spanish. It's versatile and can be tricky to understand if you've never heard it before, but if you learn how to use it correctly, it can really help your Spanish sound authentic!

Ahorita has two common definitions:

  • Ahorita can mean:
    Right now, right away or immediately.

    This is a very straight forward, easy to understand definition of the word ahorita.

  • Ahorita can also mean:
    In a minute, in ten minutes, in an hour, whenever I get around to it...

    This definition of ahorita is more fluid and tends to cause students some confusion because the exact translation is open to interpretation.

In general, ahorita will either refer to the present moment, or it will be a vague reference to some point in the future. The exact translation is sometimes open to interpretation, as the following examples illustrate.


    Ahorita estoy harto de mi novia.
    I'm fed up with my girlfriend right now.


    ¿Cómo está el clima ahorita?
    How’s the weather right now?


    Ahorita viene su café.
    Your coffee is coming right up.
    Your coffee will be ready soon.

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    Espérame, ahorita termino.
    Wait for me, I'm almost done.
    Wait for me, I'm finishing up.

    common spanish verbs

    Ahorita voy.
    I'm on my way.
    I'll be there as soon as I can.


    Ahorita vuelvo.
    I'll be right back.
    I'll be back as soon as I can.

    common spanish verbs

    Ahorita vengo.
    I'll be back in a bit.
    I'll be right back.


    Ahorita te llamo.
    I'll call you right now.
    I'll call you soon.

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