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  • Spanish-English Transcripts

    You won’t miss a single word when you read along while you listen to the dialogue with this set of PDF transcripts from each episode, which you can view, print and use for notes.

  • Study Guides

    The language really comes to our set of PDF study guides with hundreds of helpful tips, explanations and lessons based on the vocabulary from the bonus round table discussions.

  • Vocabulary Key

    A study sheet with an alphabetized list of the advanced vocabulary from each episode at your fingertips for easy reference and self-testing.

  • Bonus Audio Lessons

    We’ve saved the best for last! Each episode features an extended round table discussion only available to premium subscribers. Listen to Paulina as she breaks down the colloquial expressions and advanced vocabulary in each episode, providing examples of how to use the language in real life conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?

No, this is not a subscription, it is a one-time purchase. There are no recurring or hidden charges and we do not store your payment information for future use.

Can I download the materials
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Yes, all of our bonus learning materials are made for mobile use. Learning on the go is easy with PDF files, and our MP3 files are compatible with the music app that came with your phone.

Will my bonus materials expire?

Access to your bonus materials will never expire. All of your files will be available with lifetime access, whether you chose to view them on our website or download them to your device of choice.

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Season 1


  • Lessons for Travel
  • 22 Episodes
  • Spanish-English Transcripts
  • Extended Audio Lessons
  • Vocabulary Key
  • PDF Study Guides
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Season 2


  • Lessons for Everyday Conversations
  • 22 Episodes
  • Spanish-English Transcripts
  • Extended Audio Lessons
  • Vocabulary Key
  • PDF Study Guides
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