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EPISODE 13: Spanish Curse Words

In one of our most popular episodes, Michael has a lively discussion with a couple of loose-lipped party goers who drop a wide range of Spanish curse words at each other.

In the round table discussion afterward, we have a fun time translating some of the more colorful expressions from the dialogue, and Paulina helps us distinguish the mild Spanish curse words from the vulgar ones. The bonus audio also includes an additional review of the episode’s colloquial expressions and Mexican slang phrases and Paulina gives us more examples of how they’re used in real life situations.


Listen in as Michael has a lively discussion with a couple of heavy drinking party goers who drop a wide range of Spanish curse words at each other.

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Listen to the full round table discussion in which Paulina, Michael and Julie take an in-depth look at some of the more challenging expressions from the dialogue and examine a wide range of common Latin American Spanish terms and vocabulary.

What you get:

  • 22 Transcripts of the full Spanish translations from the dialogues in each episode.

  • 22 PDF study guides (250+ pages in all) full of tips, explanations and examples of how to use each episode’s more challenging vocabulary in real-life conversations

  • 22 Bonus Audio MP3s of the extended round table discussions

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If you’re interested in learning how Spanish curse words are used in Mexico and Latin America, you’ll want listen to the extended bonus podcast for this episode, because it’s packed with all of the lessons that we couldn’t discuss on the publicly distributed free version.
In many of our podcasts, we purposely save the best Spanish lessons for our paid subscribers. We take time to address the different cultural and grammatical issues from each dialogue, and Paulina gives us examples of how to use the challenging vocabulary in real life conversations.

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