Series 1 – Full bundle



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What you get:

  • Read along while you listen with this set of 22 transcripts of the Spanish translations from the dialogues in each episode.

  • The language really comes to life in these 22 PDF study guides (250+ pages in all) with over 700 helpful tips, explanations and examples of how to use the advanced and challenging vocabulary in real-life conversations

  • You’ll enjoy listening to the 22 Bonus Audio MP3s of the extended round table discussions from each episode. The bonus round table discussions feature over 12 hours of additional audio lessons where we examine each of the episode’s colloquial expressions and phrases and Paulina gives us more examples of how to use them in real life situations

With our bonus podcasts, transcripts and study guide materials, you’ll be better prepared to deal with all kinds of conversations and situations with native Spanish speakers in Mexico and Latin America.

Your journey towards conversational fluency starts now!