What does Wey mean in Spanish? It has 2 very different meanings in Mexico

About Wey or Güey in Mexico

Wey is one of the most widely used slang words in Mexican Spanish. The correct spelling for the word is güey, but when written in a text or email it’s usually spelled like how it sounds, wey. It’s a versatile word that has two common but completely different definitions. Check out these examples to help you understand how to use wey correctly in Mexico.

In Mexico, wey has two common definitions:

  • Wey can mean:
    Dude, bro, man, buddy, girl, girlfriend

    Although wey is used mostly by young men as a way to say “dude” or “man,” there is a rising population of Mexican women who are using the word wey as well. When women use the word wey with their girlfriends, it can be similar to how some women call each other “girl” or “girlfriend” in English.

  • Wey can also mean:
    Jerk, idiot, dork, loser

    This definition of wey is more fluid, but in general, it’s meant to express a negative opinion about someone.

It's important to remember that wey is a very informal slang word in Mexico, meaning, it's not something you want to call your boss or teacher unless you are on very good terms. But in the right context, and if used correctly, it can help you round out your vocabulary and sound very natural to Mexican Spanish speakers. The following examples illustrate the different uses of the word wey in Mexico.

    wey meaning

    Salud, wey.
    Cheers, bro.

    what does wey mean in Spanish

    ¿Qué onda, wey?
    How’s it going, dude?

    the meaning of wey in mexico

    ¡No seas wey!
    Don’t be a dork!

    wey meaning in spanish

    A veces mi novio es tan wey
    Sometimes my boyfriend is so lame.

    güey Mexican Spanish

    ¿Neta, wey?
    Seriously, girl?

    learning the meaning of wey in spanish

    Siempre andas haciendo todo a lo ¡güey!
    You’re always going around like a fool!

    Mexican Spanish Podcast

    ¡Cuidado, wey!
    Be careful, man!

    wey mean in Spanish

    Wey, vamos a comer pizza ¿sale?
    Dude, let’s grab a pizza, ok?

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