Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Students

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Doorway To Mexico
Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Students

latin american spanish podcastsWe offer a wide variety of Spanish podcasts for higher level learning. Our goal is to help you understand real Spanish conversations and show you how to sound as natural as possible. 
Each podcast episode in our series features real Spanish conversations and involve people in common situations. Why is that important? Listening to how Spanish is actually spoken by real people will help prepare you for the kinds of interactions you’re most likely to have with native Latin American Spanish speakers.
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Learn how to order food and drinks in Spanish. We talk about tipping, substitutions, side orders and much more.

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Learn how to discuss your relationships, past and present, including marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more.

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Spanish vocabulary related to the home and examples of common phrases you might use when hiring someone to clean for you.

best spanish podcasts

Learn Spanish related to buying clothes, how they fit, what’s on sale, using common Spanish words and phrases.

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In this episode, we not only review common ways to ask for directions in Spanish, we focus on understanding the response.

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We examine the different ways to ask for an upgrade plus review vocabulary common for dealing with hotels and reservations.

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The conversation is between a tourist and a pharmacist, who discuss various remedies for a common travel ailment.

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For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Mexican Spanish curse words.

best spanish podcasts

If you’re ever planning on renting a car in a Spanish speaking country, this episode is full of useful vocabulary for your trip.

learn mexican spanish

We’re off to visit the beach and have a conversation with a local shop owner about a few of the summer items on the shelves.

spanish podcasts

We’re haggling over prices in a Latin American street market. This episode will help sharpen your Spanish negotiating skills.

spanish podcasts

Another review of the different ways you can order drinks and take-out from people who speak Spanish as their native language.

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Doorway To Mexico
Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Students

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Who these Spanish podcasts are designed for

This is a Latin American Spanish podcast series specifically designed for intermediate and advanced students. An intermediate student is someone who has learned the basics of Spanish grammar and is somewhat familiar with concepts such as verb conjugation and word genders. If you know a little Spanish but have trouble keeping up with real conversations, you’ll benefit from this series.

What these podcasts are designed to teach you

Our goal is to help you understand conversational Spanish so that you can communicate in a more natural way with native Latin American Spanish speakers.

Why listen to a Latin American Spanish Podcast instead of a podcast from Spain?

Just check out some of these amazing statistics showing how important Latin American Spanish is as a world language.

  • 90% of the world's native Spanish speakers come from Latin America!

    Of the estimated 469 million people in the world who speak Spanish as their native language, more than 418 million are in Latin America.

  • Latin American Spanish ranks as #2 most widely spoken language on earth!

    Did you also know that Latin American Spanish is also the second fastest growing language on the planet?

  • 56 million Americans are of Latin American descent!

    This statistic confirms that Latin American Spanish reigns as the most widely spoken second language in the United States.

There Are Over
Million People

around the world who are choosing to learn Spanish as a second language.


of college students in the U.S. choose to study Spanish as their language elective.

There Are

who speak Mexican Spanish as their native language

Comparing the differences between the Spanish in Spain and the Spanish in Latin America is similar to comparing English between the U.S. and Britain. The differences are most pronounced in the accents, the colloquial expressions and slang phrases, and above all, in the tradition of the language which tends to vary greatly between the two regions.

Latin America is a vast region with many different Spanish dialects. A single variety of Spanish has yet to emerge as the standard in the Americas. Doorway To Mexico puts an emphasis on teaching Mexican Spanish, which because of it’s size and influence, is considered by many to be the benchmark for Latin American Spanish.

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The Doorway To Mexico Latin American Spanish podcast series is also accompanied by a set of transcripts, vocabulary sheets, study guides and premium audio files with hundreds of lessons, examples and tips to help you communicate more fluently and sound as natural as possible. 

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