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latin american spanish podcastsDoorway To Mexico is the premier place to find Spanish language podcasts. This series designed to help you learn intermediate and advanced conversational Spanish. Each episode features a wide variety of colloquial expressions and useful Spanish phrases that will help your Spanish sound as natural as possible. With over 500 minutes of free content, you’ll have access to hundreds of free Spanish lessons at your fingertips.

Who these Spanish language podcasts are designed for?

This isn’t a language course for absolute beginners, that is to say, you need to have a basic understanding of Spanish grammar to get the most out of this course. However, if you know a little Spanish but have trouble keeping up with real conversations, you’re in the right place! In addition, if you’re someone who can understand Spanish but have trouble speaking without starts and stops, our lessons can definitely help. 

What these Spanish language podcasts are designed to teach you?

Our goal is to help you understand the kind of Spanish that people actually speak. It’s not about textbooks and perfect grammar, it’s about learning how to communicate in a more natural way with native Spanish speakers.

What kind of Spanish do we teach?

The host of this podcast is a professional language teacher from Mexico City. For that reason, we put an emphasis on teaching Latin American Spanish. Generally speaking, the Spanish language in Spain is very similar to the Spanish spoken in Latin America. However, the contrast becomes more pronounced at higher levels of Spanish proficiency. As a result, if you’re not familiar with the colloquial expressions and nuances of the language from a particular region, you might have difficulty keeping up with a conversation.

Why listen to a Latin American Spanish Podcast instead of a podcast from Spain?

Just check out some of these amazing statistics showing how important Latin American Spanish is as a world language.

  • 90% of the world's native Spanish speakers come from Latin America!

    Of the estimated 469 million people in the world who speak Spanish as their native language, more than 418 million are in Latin America.

  • Latin American Spanish ranks as #2 most widely spoken language on earth!

    Did you also know that Latin American Spanish is also the second fastest growing language on the planet?

  • 56 million Americans are of Latin American descent!

    This statistic confirms that Latin American Spanish reigns as the most widely spoken second language in the United States.

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Each podcast episode in our series features real Spanish conversations and involve people in common situations. That’s extremely important if you want to learn conversational Spanish because textbook Spanish grammar can be vastly different from how real people actually speak.

What topics our podcasts deal with

Here are a few episode titles so that you can see the kinds of themes and conversational topics we feature.

Learn how to order food and drinks in Spanish. Even more important, you’ll learn how to use the kind of Spanish that sounds natural.

Can you talk about your relationships in Spanish? We discuss marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more. Above all, this episode features a lot of colloquial ways that people talk about dating in Spanish.

latin american spanish podcast mexico

In this popular episode, we discuss common Spanish phrases that will help you communicate with a Spanish speaking house cleaner. Even more noteworthy, this episode features a wide variety of Spanish vocabulary related to the home that you’ll want to know.

latin american spanish podcast intermediate

Learn Spanish related to shopping. We discuss buying clothes, how they fit, what’s on sale and much more. Even if you’re not a shopper, in this episode we discuss more Latin American Spanish phrases and how they differ from Spain.

latin american spanish podcast

Listen to a Spanish conversation in a coffee house in Mexico City. This episode offers another set of lessons on how to order drinks and food in Spanish.

Airport Spanish

Are you ready for your trip to a Spanish speaking country? Brush up on common Spanish travel phrases in this fun episode. We also discuss some Spanish words that are very common in Mexico but not used in Spain.

latin american spanish podcast mexico

The differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America might be most pronounced in the way people use the language to curse. So for our curious students, we offer a Spanish lesson on the different ways people curse in Latin America.

latin american spanish podcast intermediate

Do you know how to haggle prices in Spanish? Negotiating prices is a way of life in street markets across Latin America. For that reason, we’ve dedicated an entire episode on how to negotiate prices in Spanish.

This series of Spanish language podcasts will prepare you for all kinds of conversations and situations with native Spanish speakers.

In all, you can listen to 44 Episodes with over 20 hours of free Spanish lessons.

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The Doorway To Mexico Spanish language podcast series is also accompanied by a set of 44 transcripts and study guides. Each study guide is designed to give you the tools you need to reach Spanish proficiency and sound as natural as possible.

The study materials that accompany our podcasts have been carefully written with hand-picked Spanish grammar and vocabulary lessons that will help you stay in the conversation.

  • Learn challenging Spanish phrases and expressions
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    When Doorway To Mexico first launched, we were one of the first Spanish language podcasts to focus specifically on Mexican Spanish. Moreover, our story based learning method was the first of its kind in our genre. Browse our site and you’ll have hundreds of Mexican Spanish lessons at your fingertips. And most importantly, they’re all free! To use our course, it’s important to keep 2 things in mind. First, learning a new language takes time, so you have to be gentle with yourself and give yourself the time and space you need to let it all absorb. Second, you need to use the transcripts. Listening to a Spanish conversation when you don’t understand the words isn’t going to help you learn. Moreover, it will only frustrate you and make it feel like you’re not making any progress.