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learn mexican spanish

Doorway To Mexico features podcasts in Spanish that are designed to promote learning in a way that feels fun and effortless!
We have 44 different topics to choose from!

learn spanish podcast

Podcasts in Spanish for Ordering Food

podcasts in spanish

Immerse yourself in the full restaurant experience in this lively conversation at a Mexican cantina. Learn how to order food and drinks in Spanish, plus, we talk about tipping, substitutions, side orders, getting the check, and much more.

podcasts in spanish

Use your Spanish with confidence the next time you order drinks at a Starbucks or other cafecito. The lessons and dialogues in these Spanish podcasts will prepare you to be able to order food and beverages in an over-the-counter setting where you speak directly to the cashier.

learn spanish podcast

Podcasts in Spanish for Travel

podcasts in spanish

Even with a GPS at your fingertips, tourists in Latin America may still need to ask a local for directions. In this episode, we review the best ways to ask for directions in Spanish. And more importantly, we focus on understanding how people will give you directions, in order to help keep you from getting lost.

podcasts in spanish

Examine the different vocabulary likely to come up while checking in to a hotel or staying at an air-bnb. For example, we’ll review ways to ask for room changes and upgrades, or find out where the laundry room is. Plus, we talk about how to ask for the wifi password, order room service, and make reservations for dinner.

learn spanish podcast

Podcasts in Spanish for Work

podcasts in spanish

Become comfortable negotiating prices in Spanish. Whether you’re trying to get a better price for merchandise at a street market in Mexico, or you’re negotiating an international contract, the vocabulary and lessons in this podcast can help you with your comprehension as well as your confidence.

learn mexican spanish

It’s business 101 in this Spanish podcast which takes place at a business meeting in Mexico. This is our premier business podcast, and it’s full of lessons and tips on how to use your Spanish in a variety of business settings. In addition, with Mexican Spanish often considered as the standard in international business, this podcast is a must for anyone considering doing business in a Spanish speaking country.

learn spanish podcast

Podcasts in Spanish for Home

podcasts in spanish

We have several podcasts in Spanish involving domestic help around the home. Learn how to speak naturally with the person who cleans your home or takes care of your child. The Spanish podcasts in this series are meant to be able to provide you with the tools you need to communicate effectively with hired help around your home.

learn mexican spanish

In our language course, there are several podcasts in Spanish that revolve around food. Not just how to order it, but how to cook it, serve it and talk about it too!

learn spanish podcast

Podcasts in Spanish for Fun!

best spanish podcasts

Learn Spanish related to buying clothes so that you can discuss how something fits, what’s on sale and other common phrases.

podcasts in spanish

Learn how to discuss your relationships in Spanish, past and present. Fom blind dates and high school crushes, to marriage, break-ups and divorce, we have Spanish podcasts for everyone.

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Sports fans rejoice, because we have a Spanish podcast just for you. Learn all the vocabulary you’ve been missing while trying to watch your favorite soccer match in Spanish!

spanish curse words

For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Mexican Spanish curse words. (Not advisable for our younger listeners)

This is only a sample of the different Latin American Spanish podcasts we offer.

See all podcasts here!

learn spanish podcast

Boost Your Spanish Fluency with Our Premium Study Materials!

Our series of podcasts in Spanish also come with a set of exclusive bonus materials

What our Bonus Materials Include


Transcripts with Spanish translations from the dialogues in each episode.

Extended Podcast

An extended, 30+ minute audio Spanish lesson comes with each episode

Study Guides

PDF study guides with helpful tips, explanations and examples of how to use the key vocabulary from each episode.

Take your Spanish from book smart to street smart!

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Learn More!

The Importance of Spanish as a World Language

Did you know that Spanish has more native speakers than any language other than Mandarin? Just look at these amazing statistics!

The number of spanish speakers in the world has grown

over the last two decades

in the u.s.<br>there are currently

who either speak Spanish or are of Latin American descent

spanish is the official language in

Spanish is the 4th most
widely spoken language on earth!

If the growth projections for the Latino population stay as they are, the US will be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world by 2050. There is no better time than now to become proficient in Spanish.

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With Doorway To Mexico’s series of podcasts in Spanish you can have a variety of Spanish conversations at your fingertips. Download to any device for free via iTunes, Google Play or on our website.

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Take advantage of our free learning materials online

Visit our Free Spanish Lessons page for online grammar and vocabulary tips.

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On Facebook, we post free Spanish lessons to all of our students every week!

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Visit us on Youtube for a wide variety of podcasts and Spanish lessons to help you become fluent faster.

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How our teaching method works, in 3 simple steps

  • We expose you to a real Spanish conversation

    The key is repetitive listening. You’ll start to automatically pick up on patterns of speech and complicated grammar rules without ever needing a textbook.

  • We break down the challenging vocabulary

    We review the difficult passages from each conversation, giving you examples of how to use different expressions and phrases in real life situations.

  • We offer exclusive bonus conent for advanced proficiency

    The bonus lessons will help prepare you for all kinds of conversations and situations with native Latin American Spanish speakers.

44 Free Podcasts In Spanish for Work, Travel, School or Fun!

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