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Podcast Seires 1: Learn Spanish from Mexico

Doorway to Mexico is specifically designed to help you learn Spanish from Mexico. Our goal is to help you understand Mexican Spanish the way it’s actually spoken and teach you how to sound as natural as possible. 

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Our  podcasts all feature real conversations set in common situations to help prepare you for the kinds of interactions you’re most likely to have with native Mexican Spanish speakers.

Here is a small selection of some of our Mexican Spanish podcasts from Series 1

learn Spanish from mexico

Learn how to order food and drinks at a Mexican restaurant in a way that sounds natural to Mexican Spanish speakers.

learn Spanish from mexico

Learn how to discuss your relationships, past and present, including marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more.

learn Spanish from mexico

Spanish vocabulary related to the home and examples of common phrases you might use when hiring someone to clean for you.

learn Spanish from mexico

Learn Spanish related to buying clothes, how they fit, what’s on sale, using common Spanish words and phrases.

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In this episode, we not only review common ways to ask for directions in Spanish, we focus on understanding the response.

learn Spanish from mexico

We examine the different ways to ask for an upgrade plus review vocabulary common for dealing with hotels and reservations.

learn Spanish from mexico

The conversation is between a tourist and a pharmacist, who discuss various remedies for a common travel ailment.

spanish curse words

For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Mexican Spanish curse words.

best spanish podcasts

If you’re ever planning on renting a car in a Spanish speaking country, this episode is full of useful vocabulary for your trip.

learn mexican spanish

We’re off to visit the beach and have a conversation with a local shop owner about a few of the summer items on the shelves.

spanish podcasts advanced

We’re haggling over prices in a Latin American street market. This episode will help sharpen your Spanish negotiating skills.

learn mexican spanish

Another review of the different ways you can order drinks and take-out from people who speak Spanish as their native language.

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Why Learn Spanish from Mexico?

  • Over 120 million people speak Mexican Spanish

    By itself, Mexican Spanish ranks in the top 10 most widely spoken languages on earth!

  • There are more than 30 million Mexican Spanish speakers in the U.S.

    Mexican Spanish is by far the most common form of Spanish in the U.S.

  • International businesses widely consider Mexican Spanish as the standard.

    Large companies often use Mexican Spanish when doing business in Hispanic countries.

Learn Real Spanish from Mexico

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As a student, it is important to learn the kind of Spanish that people actually use. That is to say, many textbooks will teach a generic version of Spanish that has been homogenized for simplicity. However, every country has a very nuanced dialect all its own. In Mexico for instance, the government recognizes 350 different dialects in their country. But don’t get scared by those figures. Firstly, remember it’s all about learning to communicate. Secondly, many of those dialects belong to the indigenous people of Mexico. Meaning, there isn’t even a standard kind of Mexican Spanish.