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The Place to Learn Spanish for your Trip to Mexico

Learn Spanish phrases, vocabulary and colloquial expressions to take on your trip to Mexico

Doorway to Mexico is a Spanish language course for passionate travelers. Our goal is to help you understand real Spanish conversations and show you how to sound as natural as possible. 

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The Spanish podcasts we feature are all set in common travel situations. That’s important because the best way to learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico is to listen to common Spanish travel phrases in real life situations.

Here is a small selection of some of our podcasts designed to help you learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico:

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

You’ll learn how to order food and drinks at a Mexican restaurant. Use phrases and expressions that sound natural in Mexico.

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Learn how to discuss your relationships. We focus on marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more.

best spanish podcasts

Spanish vocabulary related to the home. We teach you common phrases you might use when hiring someone to clean for you.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

Get familiar with Spanish related to buying clothes, how they fit, what’s on sale, using common Spanish words and phrases.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

In this episode, we not only review common ways to ask for directions in Spanish, we focus on understanding the response.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

We examine the vocabulary and phrases common for dealing with hotels and reservations. A great refresher course for travelers.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

The conversation is between a tourist and a pharmacist, who discuss various remedies for a common travel ailment.

spanish curse words

For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Mexican Spanish curse words.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

If you’re ever planning on renting a car in a Spanish speaking country, this episode is full of useful vocabulary for your trip.

learn mexican spanish

We’re off to visit the beach in Cancun. Join us as we examine a lot of summer and beach related Spanish expressions.

learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico

In this fun episode, we’re haggling over prices in a Latin American street market. This episode will help sharpen your Spanish negotiating skills.

learn mexican spanish

Another review of the different ways you can order drinks and food using real Mexican Spanish.

These are just a few of the episodes that will help you learn Spanish for your trip to Mexico.

Explore a Wide Range of Conversational Topics

Everyday Life

travel spanish for your trip to Mexico

Speaking with the
cleaning lady, nanny, or gardener!

Food & Drinks

spanish podcasts

Restaurant, Street Food, Coffee Shop!


travel spanish for your trip to Mexico

Dating, Parties,
Going to the Beach!


travel spanish

Shopping, Apartment Rental, Riding the Metro,
and Much More!

Brush up on your Spanish
while you’re on the go!

travel spanish

Travel Spanish Audio Lessons

Doorway To Mexico’s series of travel-Spanish podcasts are specifically designed for intermediate Spanish students who need an effective refresher course before their next trip to a Spanish speaking country.
More than just a phrase book, we give you the tools you need to understand how real people actually speak.

Travel with us and exlpore the rich language and culture of Mexico!

  • We take you way beyond the basics

    This is a series for people who want to know how to say more than just, “¿dónde está el museo?”

  • We walk you through your trip step by step

    From the moment you get off the airplane, through your various rentals, hotels and reservations, we’ve got you covered.

  • We bring you conversations that are relevant for travelers

    Ordering street food, finding an ATM, meeting someone new at a bar or cafe, and much, much more!

How Doorway To Mexico can help improve your Spanish proficiency

  • If you've learned the basics but have trouble speaking

    These podcasts are designed for students who know a little Spanish but have difficulty following real,
    fast-paced Spanish conversations.

  • If you want to speak Spanish at an advanced level

    Take your Spanish to the next level. Doorway To Mexico breaks down advanced vocabulary and explains
    how to use challenging expressions in everyday conversations.

  • If you get nervous when you try to speak Spanish

    Doorway To Mexico’s host, Paulina, is an experienced teacher from Mexico City with a deep understanding of what it takes to become comfortable with a new language. She continually offers tips for pronunciation and guides you through the pitfalls to watch for.

  • If the pace of a normal Spanish conversation feels too fast to follow

    These dialogues will help you become more comfortable with the natural flow and pace of real conversations. You’ll also be exposed to a range of voices and accents which will allow you to familiarize yourself with many of the different dialects you may encounter in real life.

Boost your Spanish proficiency with our Bonus Learning Materials

To get the most out of Doorway To Mexico, add our exclusive set of BONUS MATERIALS. For one low price, you’ll have lifetime access to our language learning tool kit of exclusive tips, explanations and lessons, all designed to help you reach Spanish proficiency and sound as natural as possible.

What You Get:

  • An extended audio podcast

    Download an MP3 podcast of the extended grammar and vocabulary lessons

  • Transcripts

    Get the full transcripts of the Spanish conversation in each episode

  • PDF Study Guides

    250+ pages of grammar and vocabulary lessons that cover every conversation, with examples
    of how to use different expressions and phrases in real-life conversations

How our teaching method works

How does a child first come to understand their native language? During their first year of language learning, no one hands them a textbook or teaches them the rules of grammar. Instead, it happens organically through repetitive listening to everyday conversations happening all around them. Over time, the child naturally begins to absorb what’s being said and automatically starts to identify words, phrases, unspoken grammar rules and patterns of speech.

It’s the same with adults when learning a new language like Spanish. After repeated exposure to a wide variety of Spanish conversations, you will begin to intuitively understand how complicated grammar rules work, such as when to use the subjunctive tense or which terms to use based on context. You’ll know what to say and how to say it without ever opening a textbook. 

In our podcasts, you’ll hear real people using the kind of Spanish that’s used in everyday conversations. By sharing dialogues from common situations, we help prepare you for the kinds of interactions you’re most likely to have with native Spanish speakers. 

  • We expose you to a real Spanish conversation

  • We break down the challenging vocabulary

  • We offer exclusive bonus conent for advanced proficiency

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