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Learn Mexican Spanish vocabulary, grammar, slang and street-wise expressions! Doorway to Mexico is a Spanish language course that specifically teaches Spanish from Mexico. We’ll boost your comprehension of Mexican Spanish, and we’ll teach what to say so that it sounds completely natural to native Mexican Spanish speakers. 

Learn Conversational Spanish with audio and visual lessons

learn mexican spanish
learn mexican spanish
learn spanish podcast
With our free online Mexican Spanish course, you’ll be better prepared for all kinds of conversations, whether you’re travelling through Mexico, Latin America… or your own neighborhood


learn mexican spanish

Learn how to order food and drinks at a Mexican restaurant in a way that sounds natural to Mexican Spanish speakers.

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This isn’t the kind of Spanish you’ll learn in a textbook. Meaning, you’ll pick up the kind of Mexican Spanish vocabulary people use in real life. For instance, relationships, dating, marriage, divorce, break-ups and much more.

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We bring you targeted lessons like how to carry a conversation in Spanish with your cleaning lady.

best spanish podcasts

You’ll learn Spanish related to fashion, clothing, fit, what’s on sale, and how to talk about what’s trendy.


best spanish podcasts

In this episode, we not only review common ways to ask for directions in Spanish, we focus on how to understand the directions someone gives you.

learn mexican spanish

A popular episode in our travelers series, in this episode we examine the different ways to discuss checking in and out of hotels, asking for reservations and upgrades, and chatting with the bellhop.

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Going even deeper into the travel experience, we have an entire episode which features a conversation with a rental car agent in Mexico.

learn mexican spanish

The Spanish conversation in this episode is between a tourist and a pharmacist, who discuss various remedies for a common travel ailments in Mexico.


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For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Mexican Spanish curse words.

learn mexican spanish

Packed with Mexican Spanish slang, this one episode can help prepare you for all kinds of real life conversations.

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Sharpen you Spanish negotiating skills in this spirited conversation between a tourist in Mexico who tires to shave down the price of merchandise at a street market in Mexico.

learn mexican spanish

Feel confident walking into a coffee shop and ordering whatever you want on the menu. You’ll know what to say, and more importantly, how to pronounce it so that you sound as natural as possible.

How can I learn Spanish from Mexico?

Meet Your Instructor

how can I learn spanish from mexico
What better way to learn Spanish from Mexico than from a professional Spanish teacher born and educated in Mexico?
Paulina is a professional Spanish tutor from Mexico with 18 years of experience teaching students of all levels and backgrounds. Driven by a lifelong passion for teaching and sharing the Mexican language and culture with others, Paulina studied at a private Mexican university, specializing in teaching Spanish as a second language. Her teaching background covers a wide variety of settings and locations including language schools and private universities, as well as European and American corporations. Having become fluent in English, Paulina is very familiar with the challenges of learning a foreign language. Drawing on that experience, as well as her nearly two decades of private tutoring, she has honed her teaching method to help students avoid many of the pitfalls associated with advanced Spanish proficiency, guiding them to reach their fluency goals in a fun and intuitive way.

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Is Mexican Spanish Easy to Learn?

We’ve developed a fun and intuitive teaching method to help make learning Mexican Spanish as effortless as possible. Here’s how it works. First, we expose you to the the living language in Mexico, that is to say, you’ll listen to a real conversation full of popular idioms, slang terms and colloquial expressions. Next, we review the challenging passages from each conversation, giving you examples of how to use different expressions and phrases in real life situations. And lastly, we give you the tools you need to be able to follow the conversation, you won’t fall behind and after repetitive listening, you’ll be able to start using Spanish is your own daily life.

is mexican spanish easy to learn

¡Qué padre! – In Mexico, the word padre is a very colloquial way to say “cool!” We pay special attention to slang words and colloquial phrases in our podcasts. Our lessons and examples will help build your confidence and make you feel more comfortable using advanced language when you speak.

is mexican spanish easy to learn

Tocar el timbre / Ring the doorbell  The Spanish verb tocar is extremely versatile. In our lessons, we break down challenging verbs like tocar for you, so you’ll know exactly how, where and when to use the verb in different contexts.

is mexican spanish easy to learn

Want to buy someone a drink? It’s as simple as saying, “Yo te invito.” The Spanish verb invitar works like the English verb invite, but in Mexico it can also mean “to treat.” We have a number of lessons revolving around Mexican food and the restaurant experience.


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ordering food in spanish


learn mexican spanish


learn mexican spanish

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Learn Mexican Spanish without a textbook

As a student, we know that it’s not easy to learn Mexican Spanish. However, we have a solution for you!

Using podcasts as a way to learn Mexican Spanish has a lot of advantages to some of the other methods of learning Spanish. First, you don’t have to put in much effort. That is to say, you can just sit back, relax and listen. Secondly, and most importantly, it’s free!