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Latin American Spanish Podcasts

Latin American Spanish Podcasts for Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Students

Latin American Spanish Podcasts

In this new series of Latin American Spanish podcasts, you’ll find all the tools you need to take your Spanish to the next level. Our goal is to help you learn the kind of Spanish spoken by more than 150 million Latin Americans.

We want you to learn real conversational Spanish. It’s not always grammatically correct, but it’s how real people actually speak. Our podcasts will help you sound natural and stay in the conversation without missing a beat.

latin american spanish podcasts

Why Latin American Spanish?

There Are Over

who speak Latin American Spanish
as their native language


who are of Latin American descent


where Latin American Spanish
is the official language

Comparing the differences between the Spanish in Spain and the Spanish in Latin America is similar to comparing English between the U.S. and Britain. The differences are most pronounced in the accents, the colloquial expressions and slang phrases, and above all, in the tradition of the language which tends to vary greatly between the two regions.

Latin America is a vast region with many different Spanish dialects. A single variety of Spanish has yet to emerge as the standard in the Americas. Doorway To Mexico puts an emphasis on teaching Mexican Spanish, which because of it’s size and influence, is considered by many to be the benchmark for Latin American Spanish.

The Doorway To Mexico series of Latin American Spanish podcasts all feature real conversations. Each podcast is set in a common situation and deals with topics that are relevant to everyday life. This will help prepare you for the kinds of interactions you’re most likely to have with native Spanish speakers.

Here is a small selection of some of our Latin American Spanish podcasts from Series 1

Latin American spanish podcasts

Learn how to use your Spanish to order food at a restaurant. It’s the kind of Spanish you can use anywhere in Latin America

latin american spanish podcasts

Learn how to discuss your relationships in Spanish. Including marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more.

latin american spanish podcasts

Learn Spanish vocabulary related to the home. We teach you the kind of Spanish you can use when hiring someone to clean for you.

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Learn Spanish for shopping. How clothes fit, what’s on sale and more. All using common Latin American Spanish phrases.

latin american spanish podcasts

In this episode, we not only review common ways to ask for directions in Spanish, we focus on understanding the response.

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We examine the different ways to ask for an upgrade in Spanish. Plus review common vocabulary for travel in Latin America.

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Learn how to speak to a pharmacist in Latin America. We examine common travel phrases tourists may need.

latin american spanish podcasts

For curious Spanish students, in this fun podcast we examine the colorful world of Spanish curse words.

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If you’re ever planning on renting a car in a Spanish speaking country, this episode is full of useful vocabulary for your trip.

best spanish podcasts

Spanish vocabulary related to spending the day at the beach in a Latin American country.

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We’re haggling over prices in a Latin American street market. This episode will help sharpen your Spanish negotiating skills.

latin american spanish podcasts

Another review of the different ways you can order food and drinks in Latin America.

This is only a sample of the different Latin American Spanish podcasts we offer and they’re all available online and on iTunes

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Transcripts with Spanish translations from the dialogues in each episode.

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An extended, 30+ minute audio Spanish lesson comes with each episode

Study Guides

PDF study guides with helpful tips, explanations and examples of how to use the key vocabulary from each episode.

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latin american spanish podcasts
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How our teaching method works, in 3 simple steps

  • We expose you to a real Spanish conversation

    The key is repetitive listening. You’ll start to automatically pick up on patterns of speech and complicated grammar rules without ever needing a textbook.

  • We break down the challenging vocabulary

    We review the difficult passages from each conversation, giving you examples of how to use different expressions and phrases in real life situations.

  • We offer exclusive bonus conent for advanced proficiency

    The bonus lessons will help prepare you for all kinds of conversations and situations with native Latin American Spanish speakers.

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