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Doorway To Mexico is a Latin American Spanish podcast series designed to help you learn intermediate and advanced conversational Spanish from Mexico. Latin American Spanish is a broad term used to describe the language of 16 Spanish speaking countries in North, Central and South America. Because of Mexico’s size and influence in Latin American culture, the Spanish in Mexico is widely accepted as the standard form of Spanish in international business, fashion and entertainment.

Who these Spanish podcasts are designed for

This is a Latin American Spanish podcast series specifically designed for students who have learned the basics and are ready to take their Spanish to the next level. If you have trouble keeping up with real conversations, this series can help because we take time to explain the challenging parts of each dialogue so that you become familiar with the common ways that native Spanish speakers use the language in Latin America.

What these podcasts are designed to teach you

These conversations will expose you to a wide variety of Spanish accents and dialects. As a result, it will familiarize you with the natural flow and cadence of Latin American Spanish, which can be quite different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. In addition, these podcasts can help you recognize the common slang and colloquial terms used in everyday conversations throughout Mexico and Latin America.

What kind of Spanish do we teach?

There are over 400 million native Latin American Spanish speakers in the world (second only to Mandarin). It’s a language that covers a vast region of the planet and has a staggering array of dialects. A single variety of Latin American Spanish has yet to emerge as the standard among native hispanohablantes. Doorway To Mexico puts an emphasis on teaching Mexican Spanish, which because of it’s enormous size and influence, is considered by many to be the benchmark for Spanish in the Americas.

Why listen to a Latin American Spanish Podcast instead of a podcast from Spain?

Just check out some of these amazing statistics showing how important Latin American Spanish is as a world language.

  • 90% of the world's native Spanish speakers come from Latin America!

    Of the estimated 469 million people in the world who speak Spanish as their native language, more than 418 million are in Latin America.

  • Latin American Spanish, or the Spanish spoken in the Americas, ranks as #2 most widely spoken language on earth!

    Spanish is also the second fastest growing language on the planet!

  • 56 million Americans are of Latin American descent!

    This statistic confirms that Latin American Spanish reigns as the most widely spoken second language in the United States.

learn spanish podcast

Each podcast episode in our series involves real people in common situations. That’s an important asset for students because hearing how Spanish is actually spoken in everyday situations will help prepare you for the kinds of interactions you’re most likely to have with native Latin American Spanish speakers.

What topics our podcasts deal with

Here are a few episode titles so that you can see the kinds of themes and conversational topics we feature.

Learn how to order food and drinks in Spanish. More importantly, learn how to use the kind of Spanish that Latin Americans use when they order food and drinks at a restaurant.

Can you talk about your relationships in Spanish? We discuss marriage, divorce, dating, break-ups and much more. Plus, this episode features a lot of colloquial ways Latin Americans talk about dating.

latin american spanish podcast mexico

In this popular episode, we discuss common Spanish phrases that will help you communicate with a Spanish speaking house cleaner. In addition, this episode features a wide variety of Spanish vocabulary related to the home that you’ll want to know.

latin american spanish podcast intermediate

Learn Spanish related to shopping. We discuss buying clothes, how they fit, what’s on sale and much more. Even if you’re not a shopper, in this episode we discuss more Latin American Spanish phrases and how they differ from Spain.

latin american spanish podcast

Listen to a Spanish conversation in a coffee house in Mexico City. This episode offers another set of lessons on how to order drinks and food in Spanish using vocabulary that sounds natural to Latin Americans.

Airport Spanish

Are you ready for your trip to Latin America? Brush up on common Spanish travel phrases in this fun episode. We also discuss some Spanish words that are very common in Mexico but not used in Spain.

latin american spanish podcast mexico

The differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America might be most pronounced in the way people use the language to curse. So for our curious students, we offer a Spanish lesson on the different ways people curse in Latin America.

latin american spanish podcast intermediate

Do you know how to haggle prices in Spanish? Negotiating prices is a way of life in street markets across Latin America. For that reason, we’ve dedicated an entire episode on how to negotiate prices in Spanish.

With our Latin American Spanish podcast series, you’ll be better prepared to deal with all kinds of conversations and situations with native  Spanish speakers from Mexico and Latin America.

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Latin American Spanish Podcast

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    latin american spanish podcast
    latin american spanish podcast
    latin american spanish podcast
    latin american spanish podcast

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    latin american spanish podcast