Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary – What’s in your kitchen?

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Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary

Describe what’s in your kitchen

kitchen spanish vocabulary
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Is your Spanish up to the challenge? Walk into your kitchen and open the drawers and cabinets, can you describe everything you see in Spanish? Not only that, but do you know to say it in Mexican Spanish?

There are more than 20 different countries that speak Spanish as their official language, meaning that what you call a cereal bowl in Mexico may not be what it’s called in Spain, Argentina or Peru. Without a doubt, the vocabulary is going to differ depending on who you’re talking to, but if you want to know how they say it Mexico, check out our Vacation Rental podcast, which is full of useful kitchen Spanish, or keep reading!

Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary Basics

Get the basics under your belt first

    • Fork – Tenedor
    • Knife – Cuchillo
    • Spoon – Cuchara
    • Utensils – Utensilios
      • Bowl (cereal/soup) – Traste hondo
      • Pot (soup) – Olla
      • Frying Pan – Sartén
      • Plate – Traste
      • Glass cup – Vaso
      • Tea/coffee cup – taza
      • Sink – Fregadero
      • Faucet- llave

      Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary


      • Oven – Horno
      • Stove – Estufa
      • Microwave – Microondas
      • Refrigerator – Refrigerador
        • Coffeemaker – Cafetera
        • Tea kettle – Tetera
        • Blender – Licuadora
        • Food Processor – Procesador de alimentos (or) “Picador”
        • Dishwasher – Lavavajillas
        • Rice Cooker – Arrocera
        • Pressure Cooker – Olla Express
        • Toaster – Tostador

        Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary

        Deep into the Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

        • Tongs – Tinzas
        • Can Opener – Abrelatas
        • Colander/Strainer – Coladera
        • Peeler – Pelador
          • Dinnerware set – Vajilla
          • Mixing bowl – Tazón
          • Cutting Board – Tabla de picar
          • Cooking Sheet – Charola
          • Saucepan – Cazuela
          • Grater – Rallador
          • Measuring Cups – Cucharas medidoras
          • Stirring utensil – Pala (de madera o plastico)

          Kitchen Spanish Vocabulary List PDF

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          Firstly, a basic knowledge of kitchen Spanish vocabulary is a must for anyone hoping to have a working grasp of the Spanish language. Secondly, and most importantly, the way to learn it is by repetition. That is to say, once pass through isn’t going to be enough. Moreover, a determined and steady focus while studying is going to help tremendously. Finally, last but not least, have fun!

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