Vamos mejorando | Using Ir (Irse) and gerund

Ir(Irse) and Gerund

Ir(Irse) + gerund is a very common construction in Spanish. It’s similar to the construction of Estar + gerund in that it implies an action taking place, however Ir + gerund is generally meant to give the sense of an action gradually unfolding, little by little, over time.

To better understand how to use  Ir + gerund in a Spanish conversation, we’ve pulled out a selection of lessons from our bonus study guides.

The examples below are meant to help illustrate the unfolding action that’s implied whenever we use the verb ir plus a gerund.  

Listen to the discussion

In the free version of the Beach Store podcast, Paulina talked to us in depth about the construction of Ir(Irse) + gerund and gave us more examples of how to use them. You can listen to that discussion here.

Ir and Gerund Examples

Example using irse yendo
ir + gerund

Oye, me voy yendo a la playa.
Hey, I’m gonna get going to the beach.
(Or) I’m going to make my way over to the beach.

irse alistando
ir + gerund

Me voy a ir alistando para la cena.
I’m going to get ready for dinner.
(Or) I’m going to be getting ready for dinner.

irse acostumbrando
spanish verbs

Finalmente me voy acostumbrando al clima de aquí.
I’m finally getting used to the climate here.

irse caminando
ir(irse) + gerund

No voy a tomar un taxi, me voy caminando.
I’m not going to take a taxi, I’ll walk (I’ll get there walking/I’ll go by foot).

ir madurando
Ir(irse) + gerund

Las personas van madurando con el tiempo .
People (gradually) mature over time.

ir aprendiendo
Ir(irse) + gerund

Voy aprendiendo el español.
I’m learning Spanish (gradually).

Ir mejorando
ir + gerund

No hablo español muy bien, pero voy mejorando.
I don’t speak Spanish very well, but I’m getting better (gradually improving).

irse defendiendo
ir + gerund

No hablo español muy bien, pero me voy defendiendo. 
I don’t speak Spanish very well, but I’m getting by.

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