Órale meaning | The multiple meanings of órale in Mexico

Órale Meaning in Mexico

In Mexico, the word órale can have a number of different meanings, it all depends on the context. In this lesson we’ll present a variety of examples using the word órale so that you’ll be able to use it correctly, and sound as natural as possible. Orale meaning.

How to use the word órale correctly in Mexico

orale meaning

¿Quiere más café?
Órale, un poquito más por favor.
Do you some more coffee?
Sure, a little more please.

In this context, órale is neither formal or informal, it’s simply a neutral way to say “yes.” This is one of the most common ways people will use the word órale in Mexico.

orale meaning

Óralé, nos vemos mañana.
Ok so, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Another common way to use the word órale would be as a way to sum things up at the end of a conversation. In this example, órale might get translated as “alright then…” or “so anyway…”

orale meaning

Órale, ¿ya viste esa chava? ¡está bien buena!
Whoa, did you see that chick? She’s so hot!

Another common way to use the word órale is as an interjection; “whoa, wow, hey.” The context here is informal, but the use of the word órale is still neutral, meaning you can use órale to say “whoa” or “hey” and it won’t sound overly informal or juvenile.

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¡Órale, eso se ve muy divertido!
Wow! That looks really fun!

This is another example of how we can use the word órale as an interjection. The translations will vary in contexts like this and could possibly include “dude!,  man!,  wow!,  no way!” or the equivalent. Orale meaning.

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Te tropiezas con todo güey. ¡Órale, ponte abusado!
You’re bumping into everything dude, Come on, get it together!

In this context órale has an informal tone and is being used as a way to call attention to something. It could also be translated here as “watch out!” or “yo!”

orale meaning

¿Quieres tomar algo? Yo te invito.
Órale, sí vamos!
You wanna grab a drink? It’s on me.
Right on, sure let’s go.

In contexts like this, órale can be used as a way to add emphasis to that fact that you agree, in certain contexts it might be like saying “sweet” or “heck yeah!”

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Órale meaning in Mexico